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Independent Companion

for your information

Below is information regarding proper etiquette, hygiene, and answers to any FAQs.
Most of this information is only relevant to in-person bookings - which are currently unavailable due to Covid restrictions.
If you have any other questions (that are NOT answered below), please text 0447 306 719

This page was last updated on Sunday 17th November 2019. 


Please understand, while my prices may be the cheapest in town, it does not mean I am "dirty" or "a slob" and nor do I expect you to be either.
So PLEASE, before you arrive, or as soon as you arrive at the booking, I request that you:

  • Have showered
    • This includes washing your armpits, penis, scrotum, and groin area
    • If you are uncircumcised, then remember to pull back the foreskin and wash the head of the penis
      • You should do this EVERY TIME you shower anyway.
  • Put deodorant on your armpits!!!
  • Have brushed your teeth and used mouthwash!!!
  • Have clean and short fingernails.
  • Have clean and short toenails.
  • Have shaved/waxed any areas that you want me to lick or suck (especially if you want tea-bagging)
    • Getting pubic hair in my mouth is gross

Also, while not-compulsory, it would be appreciated that:

  • If you are sick (i.e. Sore throat, Tonsillitis, Flu, Cold sores, Mouth ulcers, Folliculitis, Tinea cruris (aka Jock Itch), etc) that you reschedule and do not make a booking until you are well. Especially as I get sick very easily and take a very long time to recover from any illness - which stops me from seeing you and any other potential clients.
  • You are checked for STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) by your GP (aka Doctor) or at a Sexual Health Clinic on a regular basis,
    • especially as there are many STIs which do not show any obvious symptoms,
    • and because STIs and other infections can be passed on even WITH the use of condoms. 


As mentioned above, you should be checked for STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) by your GP (aka Doctor) or at a Sexual Health Clinic on a regular basis,

  • especially as there are many STIs which do not show any obvious symptoms,
  • and because STIs and other infections can be passed on even WITH the use of condoms

As for me, the law does not require Independent/Private sex workers to have regular STI checks at all. 

HOWEVER, I choose to have regular STI check anyway (just like Brothel workers).

Also, regarding Natural Services (sexual acts without a barrier protection ie. condom, dam, glove) it is ILLEGAL in Queensland for

  • YOU to ask for natural services
  • YOU to accept natural services
  • YOU to obtain natural services
  • YOU to break, remove, or otherwise interfere with the proper use of a glove/condom/dam
  • YOU to use, or continue to a use, a glove/condom/dam that you know is damaged
  • ME to advertise natural services 
  • ME to offer natural services
  • ME to provide natural services

Therefore, proper use of barrier protection is to:

  • Use a Condom for all oral, vaginal and anal sex. 
  • Use a Dental Dam when performing oral on a female
  • Use a Dental Dam when giving someone a 'Rim job'.
  • Use a Latex glove, Finger cots (or Condom/Dam if nothing else) when digitally penetrating (aka Fingering) the vagina or anus. 
  • Use a NEW condom/dam each time you change between oral, vaginal and anal sex.
    • Specifically, when changing from
      • Oral sex to Kissing!!!
        • if you are with your girlfriend/wife (and don't use a dam) at least use mouthwash or brush your teeth before you kiss her
      • Oral sex to Vaginal sex
      • Oral sex to Anal sex
      • Vaginal sex to Oral sex
      • Vaginal sex to Anal sex
      • Anal sex to Oral sex - EXTREMELY IMPORTANT
      • Anal sex to Vaginal sex - EXTREMELY IMPORTANT
  • NEVER EVER penetrate the anus and then penetrate the Vagina or Mouth WITHOUT changing the condom/dam/glove.
    • This is because faecal bacteria can cause a serious infection within the vagina and mouth!!!

The following are my personal preferences and are not legislation.

  • I will NOT suck / lick / bite your tongue.
  • DON'T suck / bite my lips when kissing.
  • DON'T suck / bite my tongue when kissing.
  • DON'T force your tongue into my mouth.
  • DON'T spit into my mouth ...this is just gross!!!
  •  DON'T spit / slobber into my ears ...this is also gross!!!
  • DON'T suck / bite my skin so as to leave a mark (aka a "hickey")
  • DON'T hit  / punch me
  • DON'T slap me
  • DON'T pinch me
  • DON'T bite me
  • DON'T suck / bite / pull / pinch / flick / repeatedly-rub my nipples... Instead, play with my entire breast rather than just the nipple
  • DON'T suck / bite / pull / pinch / flick / rub-hard my clitoris... FOR GOODNESS SAKE, IT HURTS!!

THIRDLY... etiquette!

It can save a lot of time and can make the entire experience more enjoyable for both of us, if you are aware of and use proper etiquette. This includes,

    • Be clear about what you want from our time together
    • During the service, if you want a particular position, act, speed, or style - USE YOUR WORDS AND TELL ME (I am not a mind reader).
  • Have some respect and decorum when contacting me about a booking.
    • This means I prefer communication such as:
      • "Would you be available today for 15mins GFE?" instead of "How about a quick f*ck?"
      • "Is it okay if we have vaginal and anal sex?" instead of "Can I f*ck your pussy and arse?"
  • Being sober and friendly.
    • You may be turned away / refused entry if you come to your appointment intoxicated, impaired, hostile or aggressive
  • If you repeatedly insult me, bully me, harass me, threaten court action against me, threaten my livelihood, or threaten me physically (whether by SMS, Email, Online chat, or Face-to-Face), I guarantee I will NOT take kindly to this and I will decline any booking request from you. 
    • ​It is also ILLEGAL for YOU to coerce or apply duress to me so as to provide a sexual service. 


With Pornography, please understand that I am being HONEST!

  • Pornography is NOT reality!
  • Pornography is ENTERTAINMENT!
  • What you see in porn can not always be re-created in real life - due to the physical limitations of both the male and female involved
  • The majority of porn is created by PAID actors and actresses!
  • Porn stars are PAID to PERFORM - often in a certain way, at a certain time, doing a certain thing.
  • Porn stars are PAID to PERFORM, so they may be "faking" how much they enjoy it.
  • Porn stars are PAID to PERFORM , so they may be pretending to like something being done, when in fact they hate it.
  • You and I reaching orgasm at exactly the same time is impossible.
  • It is NOT enjoyable for a lot of women, especially me, when the clitoris is rubbed hard or rough... it can actually painful and NOT enjoyable or arousing!
  • It is NOT enjoyable for a lot of women, especially me, when the clitoris is sucked or bitten... it is actually painful and NOT enjoyable or arounsing!
  • If you are giving a woman oral, she may be moving around and squirming because it is painful and she is trying to get away from you.
  • This is because a woman's clitoris is 10 times more sensitive than the head of a man's penis.
  • It is extremely rare for any man (even Gynaecologists) to find a woman's G-spot.
    • Basically, do NOT expect to find or trigger a woman's G-spot.
    • Whether you find the G-spot or not, rubbing/fingering a woman roughly and quickly, straight of the bat, will NOT arouse her.
  • If you want to look at your penis while penetrating a woman, you will require
    • a very long penis
    • no 'beer gut'
    • to maintain the correct angle and position AT ALL TIMES.
  • If you want me to act like they do in porn, then be prepared to pay me the amount of money they do in porn (which is significantly more than what I charge now).