The Pied Piper

Independent Companion


 I am an intelligent, cultured, part-time carer to a family member, and an intense advocate for child and animal welfare.

I was born in Australia, to British parents, and therefore English is my first language, in which I am quite proficient.

Due to my studies, I have attained three tertiary qualifications (Education, Counselling, and Bible College). Some of my previous occupations have included School Teacher, Music Teacher, Instrumental Music Instructor, After-school Tutor, Crisis Counsellor, Disability Carer, Business Owner, Live-in Nanny, Housekeeper, Gardener, and Janitor.

As a result of my education, up-bringing and life-experience, I am adaptable to nearly any social situation - whether High Tea, a Nightclub, or a mate's BBQ. 

I am also very open-minded and accepting of people. I am willing to meet men of any size and age (18+), though I do prefer mature-aged men (50-90yo). 

If you are concerned about appearances, I am very discrete.

If you are concerned about your personal appearance, as long as you have excellent hygiene (see here), then your looks are no barrier to me.

Lastly, I am a Clean-Skin (no tattoos or piercings) and I do NOT drink alcohol, smoke, or do drugs - so please do not ask me to, I will refuse. 


Late 30s
Short (5'3)
BBW (size 22-24)
Caucasian (Australian-British)

Dark blonde / Light brown hair
Fair skin

Blue eyes
Waxed / Shaved
Natural DD cup
No piercings
No tattoos